The producers of "Inside Business Review" are pleased to announce the launching of the "American Industry Series", a series engaging individuals and organizations taking a leadership role in U.S. industry. The show marries an unrivaled host, Fred Thompson, with a team of award-winning producers, and provides viewers with new information that will impact their lives.

It is as much a characteristic of the American national character to boast of the nation's industrial success, as it is to ask even more of ourselves. The voices that proclaim this "the best country in the world", must be heard in chorus with those who say, "We can do even better."

American industry is striving everyday to become bigger, faster, better. "Inside Business Review" provides the information your organization will need in order to keep pace.

Topics for the "American Industry" series include:

• Key Developments in Protecting America's Finest
• Rebuilding America's Aging Infrastructure Through Innovative Technologies
• Advances in Industrial Technology for the 21st Century
• Leading Developments in Integrated Printing Solutions
• Inside America's Wireless Communications
• Lifesaving Emergency Response Technologies

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