Making profits with your own blog boils down to one key factor and that is certainly blog traffic. The more traffic you drive to your blog, the more revenue you will earn with it (if you have monetized your blog the appropriate way). Listed here are 22 good ways to advertise your blog and drive visitors to it.

1- Get your own unique domain like Although free blogging platform offer a good way to experience blogging and get to know it, it's not a smart choice for serious blogging.

2- Customize the look and feel of your blog to make it unique and yours.

3- Bookmark your posts

4- Setup Google account for Sitemap, validate and prep for future submission.

5- Use web 2.0 sites to build backlinks to your blog.

6- Create keyword rich categories

7- Format archived posts, related posts.

8- Submit your articles to article directories.

9- Convert your articles to video and submit to video sharing directories.

10- Submit RSS feed and Blog URL to prominent RSS and Blog directories / search engines.

11- Submit your blog url to blog directories.

12- Optimize and distribute a press release announcing blog.

13- Find relevant blogs and comment on them regularly.

14- Enable automatic trackback and ping functionality.

15- Post frequently. Readers like to read fresh and up to date content.

16- Keep an eye on your inbound links, traffic, comments and mentions of your blog using tools like Google Alerts.

17- If a blogger mentioned you in a post on their blog, be sure to thank them in a post no matter how short.

18- Respond to your commentators. These are your readers, let them know they matter to you.

19- When making blog posts don't be afraid to link to your sources. Many times those sources will link back to you as well.

20- Make sure you use keywords in the blog post title, in the body of the post and use anchor text when you link to previous posts you've made.

21- Connect to other bloggers using social networking sites and forums, and also offline. That's a good way to find link exchange partners.

22- Print your blog address everywhere you print your phone number!

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