Mailing list is a list of prospects or subscribers who agreed to subscribe on certain topics of interest. Mailing lists have become a common way for internet marketers to share the information on the services and products related in their online business. These are the best practical way in having close relationship with their prospects or customers. The mailing list owner commonly needs an auto responder service system to store the series of messages accordingly.

Below are seven popular key techniques you can employ to get the highest number list sign ups possible from your existing traffic whether you have 10, 100, or even 1000 visitors per day.

1. Place a sign up form on the top right hand side or at the bottom of your website page or blog. Studies have proven that these locations are the most effective as they are very visible to visitors to easily navigate and enter their subscription details.

2. Put a big red arrow pointing to your signup form. Why the arrow should be red in color? The reason is simply because it is a sign of urgency and raise visitors' curiosity to know further by taking the next step.

3. Use a pop up on entry. Some people may hate this, but it works. Offer a free gift or report in your pop up. Make it simple and attractive. Using correct pop up has also proven to have a dramatic increase in sign ups.

4. Insert a pop-out window on exit from your website or blog. This idea is just the same like a pop up on entry, but it only appears when a visitor exits your website. Make a last offer i.e. special discounted price on the product offered. This will make your visitor feel more incline to sign up for your offer.

5. Insert a link or label box button where user can click to know more information. Most of the visitors do not buy from you the very first time but they are interested to know more about what you try to offer. Put a label box saying "Play the Video" or "Get Free Access Now" in your website.

6. Use testimonials in your website. Visitors like to hear from what other people said about your service or product. Testimonials suggest valuable information as well as good support for your business as it makes visitors feel more confident and trust on you. Good testimonials earn you more sales and sign ups.

7. Use the word "FREE". People love this word as it is the single most powerful word. It creates no worry, no risk and at no cost. Spread this word evenly in your website. This word is a magic word and you will have a lot of people to sign up.

In conclusion, mailing list is an (a) essential component for internet marketers to have as it is the key in keeping a strong relationship with the prospects for a long period of time. You are free to make announcements on your recent product release or simply giving useful tips and information on certain topics of interest.

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