Yes, water chillers for offices can also be the same with ones being used at home ; although, water chiller comes in competing designs and models. Before we further talk about the differing kinds of water cooler for offices, let us first talk about what water chiller is fundamentally about. Water cooler AKA water dispenser is an appliance that dispenses chilled water. There are essentially 2 main types of water chiller ; these are the bottleless and the bottled water chillers. Bottled water chiller is more frequently used at houses seeing as there are only few folks who drinks from it while bottleless water cooler are rather more ideal to be employed in offices since the environment wants to have a continuous supply of drinkable water.

What is the most common water cooler for offices?
As have asserted earlier, the commonest type of water chiller for offices is the bottleless kind of water cooler. It is generally mounted on the walls in order to have it easily attached to the office's water supply as well as to the electric supply for correct and constant refrigeration process. Except for the straightforward delivery of water, this kind of water system also takes in to consideration the method of disposal of the remaining water. The hottest wall mounted water cooler for offices is the freestanding upright models which are relatively starting to become popular especially in nations where people aren't used to drink without delay for the water.

Another common water chiller for offices is the conventional drinking fountain. Water fountains are also wall mounted and is attached to the key water source of the building. It holds chilled water which makes deliver refreshingly good tasting water. Water comes out from the tank by simply pressing a button that is often at the bottom of the whole tank. Normally it is designed to be pushed by the foot. Some models of drinking fountain are designed with big tangible buttons that are placed on top of the tank to be simply controlled by the hands.

One of the convenient kinds of water cooler for offices is the bottled water chiller. With this upright water dispenser, a certain gallon of bottled water is spout-down on top of the water chiller. This sort of water cooler comes in several sizes. If you are to use it as water chiller for offices then you want to buy one which has 5 gallons capacity. After you have put the bottle the other way up the dispenser, the water will be chilled for 2 minutes. The chilling process may take minutes, dependent on the size of the compressor.

Things to think about in buying
* Some water chillers make a certain sort of noise that might bother the quiet environment required in an office set-up. Ensure you will purchase the quiet one.

* Consider the location where you are going to place the water chiller.

* Water chiller for offices comes in plenty of sizes and capacity so take care to think about the quantity of people who will be drinking from it.

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