B3 India is Emerging as the Best Consulting House in Kolkata

Good news for engineering professionals! Candidates looking for engineering placements? Now, they have a HR consultant in Kolkata that can offer them jobs best suited to their qualification and career goal. B3 India is amongst the reputed placement consultant in this city offering engineering jobs.

B3 India – No. 1 Engineering Placement Consultant in Kolkata and Eastern India.

B3 India is the organization that equally appeals those who are looking for suitable candidates as well as those who are looking for the right job opportunity. The consultancy offers senior level and professional jobs. Applicants are assured to get the right job opening that will take their career to the next level and achieve success in life.

Candidates are afraid of contacting any consultancy for the huge fees they have to pay to these placement consultants. B3 India gives relief to all applicants from this financial stress. NO FEES IS CHARGED FROM THE CANDIDATES. Moreover, they update news everyday so that candidates have up-to-date knowledge about the job opportunities.

B3 India also has something to offer all companies. With its advanced recruitment process, it can provide the right candidate to an organization.

What makes B3 India one of the best engineering placement consultants?

This placement consultancy has certain features that make it stand out from other consultancies in the market.

Advanced technology

Modern portals, tie ups and technology enable them to get the right candidate in much less time.

Competitive pricing model

As compared to other engineering search consultancies in other cities, price of B3 India is competitive.

Personalized attention

Personalized interaction and screening by industry experts ensure that clients get the best service.

Customized executive search solution

B3 India offers tailor-made recruitment solutions for engineering opening after understanding and analyzing the need of its potential clients.

Expert IT professionals in search team

This organization has a team of expert executive search consultants who make effort to expand their base in other destinations.

Time bound deliveries

With superior technology and team, delivery time of this consulting agency is 50% less.

About the company

B3 India or the Brain Behind Brand is a renowned Recruitment Consultancy in Kolkata that is committed to offer customized recruitment solutions with advanced technology and expert team of professionals. It makes all kinds of effort to put the right candidate at the right place.

Company: B3 – Brain Behind Brand
Address: 708, Rajdanga Main Road Block GE-III, KMDA Plot, Kolkata, 700109, West Bengal, India
Contact No. (Land Line): +91-33-24418339
Mobile: 09831116047/09831013400/09831001763
Phone: 079 6434 4444/079 6134 4400
Fax: +91 (80) 6792 0900
Website: www.b3india.com

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