BannerBoo has announced the release of the new upgraded version of the service, which unveils lots of advanced features and allows creating quality HTML5 banners for websites.

BannerBoo is a convenient web-based tool, which is used to design professional animated HTML5 website banners in a quick and affordable way. The system was launched comparatively not long ago, but it has already gained popularity with lots of web design experts and non-tech savvy users across the globe. Over 12000 banners have been created with the system by now. This is what the developers of the platform tell about it: “BannerBoo is a convenient and easy-to-use service, which allows designing website banners with no hassle at all. You don’t have to possess coding skills to create a quality banner on your own and you don’t have to waste money ordering it from professional designers. From now on, you can create a decent flash banner for your website in a couple of hours only.”

The service makes it possible to select one of the ready-made templates and customize it with regard to the needs of a user by applying clipart elements. The major template categories include Transport, Business, Trading, Education, Real Estate, Traveling, Education, Finance, Education, Health etc. The system provides useful tips and recommendations on how to get the most out of using it. Having chosen a template, a user can add any graphic elements to customize it (icons, buttons, logos etc.). It’s also possible to add animation effects and GIF images to give a banner advanced stylish look.

BannerBoo automatically generates the banner, which takes less effort and time. The service works well on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android. The changes are saved on a cloud and can be applied when needed. The ready-made banner is integrated to the website as a code. As a result, the web pages are displayed on all mobile devices.

The new BannerBoo version comes with the drag-and-drop editor and allows creating banners with responsive design. The feature is activated with one click of a mouse only. It’s also possible to use Google Fonts in the process of creating banners, which comply with the recent GDN requirements. Professionals can make use of more advanced features the system offers. The new version also implies the availability of the animation timeline, which makes it possible to change the layouts, add effects and stunning dynamic animation in a couple of minutes only. The online service is available in the Russian and English languages.

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BannerBoo is a platform, which allows creating professionals HTML5 website banners. The system is a great solution for professionals and newbies willing to create and integrate banners to their websites. There are various templates and customization tools users can apply when designing their banners. The templates fall into several categories to simplify users’ search. Over 12000 banners have been created with the system already and much more people plan to use it for their web building needs. The online service is available in two language versions, namely English and Russian. It is accessible 24/7.

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