China - Bothbest, a top bamboo products manufacturer from China, sources its bamboos from different Chinese provinces, such as Anhui, Guangdong, Hainan Island and the likes. Traditionally, bamboo has been used by Chinese people in a variety of ways and bamboo as a plant has been deep-seated in Chinese culture and tradition. The manufacturer of bamboo products want to make popular bamboo veneer among their European and North American buyers as well.

Though bamboo veneer, bamboo decks and bamboo floors are not anything new to the westerners, the bewildering range of uses that bamboo has in Chinese furniture manufacturing, interior designing and housing industry is simply unmatched. The owners of Bothbest said that they are aiming at taking the popularity of bamboo veneer to the next level. The company uses a markedly low amount of formaldehyde in its products, sources sustainably harvested bamboos from hinterlands of the country and invests in research and development to come up with new bamboo products for its clients in China and worldwide.

“We use bamboo blocks which are laminated with water-proof adhesive. We also use kiln-dried bamboo strips which are sourced from different parts of China. We condition and soak the blocks as a preparatory step and then the same in sliced into bamboo veneer sheets. Basically, bamboo veneer production process is pretty difficult and this is due to the part that the number of joints is comparatively high. However, our bamboo veneers have great strength and stability and can be used for and as various interior designing applications such as ceiling, walls, furniture making and furniture covering”, informed a production quality control manager of Bothbest.

He also added that their products are made in compliance with the ISO standards and many other national and international specifications are religiously followed. “We make sure that users get the best value for money and we follow all the standards and specifications as closely as possible”, added the manager. He also maintained that they follow a lean manufacturing model to keep the costs lower.

About the Company

BothBest Bamboo Flooring Co. Ltd is a bamboo products manufacturer and exporter from China.

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