Brain League IP Services Pvt Ltd, a leading Intellectual Property (IP) services company is providing new dimensions to the learning of IP by taking it a step forward through its various initiatives.

It is the result of Brain League‘s thought leadership that such initiatives are helping in spreading the IP awareness among the public at large. The efforts taken up by Brain League includes initiatives such as, “Intellipedia”, which is a database of both basic and advanced IP materials compiled with case studies, research papers, opinion papers and so on; Brain League‘s blog (, “SiNApSE”, the objective of which is to bring together IP professionals, academicians and policy makers for discussions and debates on emerging IP issues, thereby contributing to the flow of knowledge in IP. The initiatives also bring about legal, technology and management analysis to an IP issue. Further, Brain League's newsletter, “IP Convergence”, focuses on providing the latest developments in Intellectual Property along with interesting case studies, interviews with industry leaders, series on important IP issues and fact files on Intellectual Property.

Talking about these initiatives, Mr. Somashekar, Head of US Patent Filing and Prosecution work in Brain League said, “These initiatives not only helps a professional in keeping himself/herself updated about the recent developments in his/her respective area of Intellectual Property, but also provides for the professional an opportunity to understand the developments in other areas of Intellectual Property, thereby ensuring that each of the professionals is aware of global operative nature of the Intellectual Property Rights”.

The ideology of Brain League‘s leadership is to create a knowledge pool of IP. Throwing more light on such ideology, Mr. Nitin Nair, Head of Electronics and Telecommunication patent division in Brain League said, “Brain League has always been striving to develop a knowledge pool and resources in IP by taking steps like maintaining a blog for keeping track of the latest developments in IP and building an online repository for research and white papers. Brain League has also taken steps to spread the IP knowledge and IP skills by holding regular seminars and training sessions”.

Given the backdrop, it is evident that Brain League is advocating new ideas by combining its knowledge of technology, law and management. As for the new ideas, brain behind “SiNApSE”, Mr. Vikram Pratap Singh Thakur, Senior IP Analyst at Brain League said, “Blog is an initiative to provide or share information with people who have the desire to learn about the various activities, concepts and happenings in the field of IP”.

On visiting Brain League‘s blog or website, you will find detailed analysis of the various issues on IP. It will be interesting to note the in depth analysis provided by Brain League‘s experts over the variety of issues such as, claim construction, open source software (OSS) analysis and so on. For more information about IP and the various initiatives of Brain League, you may visit Brain League‘s blog at www.indianipinfo.blogspot.comor website at