Tampa, FL: Brighter Bay LLC today announced the launch of specialized career placement and recruitment services for ophthalmologists, optometrists and administrators in the US. Brighter Bay also launched its website http://www.brighterbay.com, aimed at providing an online resource for job searches, latest trends and CV reviews.

“With the ever increasing requirement for talented eye care professionals, we need a more efficient way to recruit and retain talent. By embracing technology, Brighter Bay will provide a completely different experience than other recruiters. Our innovative approach to the recruiting process will be a refreshing change.” said Alison Donovan Salo, founder and CEO, Brighter Bay LLC.

With nearly a decade in the eye care community, Brighter Bay‘s certified recruiters work with a database that is second to none in the industry. Brighter Bay has key relationships with corporate organizations, teaching institutions, private and group practices all around the US. Every potential candidate is extensively screened and reviewed to ensure a best-fit for the required position. With Brighter Bay‘s branded process, the hiring cycle is significantly reduced.

Brighter Bay LLC offers comprehensive packages, from full retainer searches, to contingency agreements. Additional services include spouse screening, candidate/spouse on-site visit planning, surgical videotapes, malpractice investigations, personality profiles, and contract negotiations. Brighter Bay provides structured interview guides that are certified as the best in the industry and utilizes the latest technology to conduct interviews and enable clients a more time efficient way to screen candidates.

“With an extensive background in hiring and recruiting, Brighter Bay understands how important it is to find the right candidate in a timely manner. We seek to understand the practice and its needs thoroughly and completely before we begin a search. Our placement focus is within the eye care community. Through our enhanced technology, we provide a time and money saving option to the practice and doctor.” says Alison Salo.

Alison Salo is an experienced professional in matching talented individuals with the right opportunity and has a proven track record of success. As a hiring manager for over 5 years, Alison understands the recruiting and hiring process. At Allergan, one of the leading specialty pharmaceutical companies in eye care, Ali built teams that drove top revenue dollars for the corporation. Alison and her team won several Leadership Councils, which is awarded to the top of the sales force. She was also the 2008 ICARE Award Recipient for demonstrating integrity, commitment, accountability, and excellence.

As the number of ophthalmologists in the country declines, the demand for qualified ophthalmic medical personnel increases to assist in the care of these patients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of eye care professionals is projected to grow 11 percent between 2006 and 2016. (Source: http://bls.gov).

Demographic trends make it likely that many more Americans will need vision care in the years ahead. A growing population that recognizes the importance of good eye care will increase demand for eye care professionals. Also, an increasing number of health insurance plans that include vision care, should generate more job growth.

"Since eye care is a field that is constantly changing, we also provide valuable information for ophthalmic professionals to keep them up to date on the latest eye care news through our website, www.brighterbay.com,” said Alison. Candidates can also register their profiles and submit resumes and apply for positions while on the site.

Brighter Bay offers a variety of eye care placement services and choices to fit your budget, timeline and need. For more details on the site, please visit http://www.brighterbay.com