A new charity is helping to elevate the standards of living in one of the world’s poorest areas, the South Asian region of Bangladesh.

The Nabir Foundation was founded by businessman and philanthropist Fareed Nabir. Born and raised in the UK, Fareed developed a keen interest in philanthropy, setting out to find ways of using his business acumen for a charitable purpose. It is from this kernel that the Nabir Foundation gre, enabling the organisation to go from strength to strength over the last few years. They built their first school in 2012, and since 2014, Fareed has dedicated himself to developing the charity so it can help more and more people lead better, longer, and healthier lives free from the effects of poverty.

Currently, the Nabir Foundation builds approximately four homes a year, ensuring safe, secure housing becomes more accessible for those in the greatest need. In addition, the foundation is working to develop sustainable practices which will ultimately help the area to thrive independent from reliance on aid. By helping to support new schools, provisional housing and medical care, the Nabir Foundation is ensuring those suffering the effects of poverty are given the chance to build a brand-new future.

“Bangladesh is still a developing nation, regularly hit by natural disasters like cyclones and floods, which can often slow progress,” says Fareed. “Our long term goal is to help Bangladesh become more self-reliant by having a big, positive impact on standards of living in the region. Short term goals include giving better access to education, clean water, medical care and housing – the building blocks of life.”

As well as shining a light on these vital issues in some of the country’s most deprived areas, Nabir hopes his example will help prove how valuable the philanthropic efforts of ordinary people can be. The foundation relies upon careful planning and charitable donations to continue this vital work, and strives to give communities the chance to rebuild. With the help and support of their generous donors, the Nabir Foundation will continue to grow and communities throughout Bangladesh will be able to thrive.

Find out more or get involved at the official website www.nabirfoundation.com

Fareed Nabir
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