Cheaper than a geek is the best tech support company in Maryland

Cheaper than a geek is a household name in the Maryland market for small business tech support. Started in the living room of their founder, the small company with the big philosophy of doing the best for their customers has soon grown to the best service provider in their state. While it is a small state it is still an impressive fit for anyone to maintain themselves on the top for 17 long years. Founded in the year 2000 the company was aiming to service the high numbers of computers that were being purchased in the United States. What was once only a small venture has come to grow in a seven figure business for the owners and has won the hearts of people who need tech support.

Cheaper than a geek has grown from a small company to offer some of the most varied services one would expect. They simply do everything from basic tech support to data retrieval and backup. But let us take a moment to put in perspective what they do. S if you are a small business owner they are the you have been waiting for. Not only they are the best IT Support in Maryland, but they will help you manage your servers, upgrade them, repair them and what not. In case you will ever come to suffer from a malware attack they will help you put it under control. They have a vast experience of work with all types of operating systems, from Windows to Apple and this makes them stand out from the competition a lot.

They also offer great solution for those who look for refurbished personal computers and Macs. They have a vast array of machines which were previously opened but work perfectly which they will sell you at a discount. More on that, they will help you if your PC is getting slow and will help you back up your valuable data not to lose it. They will even go as far as setting up you Voice over IP if you so require so you can save money on your phone cable and invest them somewhere else.

About company:

Cheaper than a geek is one of the leading tech support companies in Maryland. With more than 18 year of experience they are the proud leaders in their state when it comes to hardware repairs and management services. With a special philosophy of putting the customer’s needs before theirs they have quickly won over their state and are looking to expand. With little to no competition to match their awards and trophy cabinet Cheaper than a geek is likely to retain their place at the top of the Technical support Maryland market as they have done for the last 18 years.

Company: Cheaper Than A Geek
Contact Name: Christopher Barber
Address: 1296 Cronson Boulevard # 3180, Crofton, MD 21114
Phone: (410) 774-5180


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