Columbia, Maryland - Sai Shiva LLC ( Happ-E-Juice Vape ) announced last week that they are now partnering up with ClickSure’s 400,000 affiliate partners to bring their vaping subscription box service to the American consumer market.

Happ-E-Juice ( ) is a digital subscription service for vaping flavor chasers and taste aficionados. They stock hundreds of flavors from dozens of American vape e-liquid manufacturers. They don’t let you pick which flavors you’ll get, because they curate them for you, based on your unique Flavor & Taste Profile.

Happ-E-Juice has been in business since February 2015. This year, they are expanding to all 50 states through the ClickSure affiliate network. ClickSure ( ) allows any person to earn money by selling Happ-E-Juice subscriptions to their loyal followers. Every vape shop in America is now able to add an extra revenue stream to their brick and mortar operations, simply by offering their visitors a convenient way to have 3 bottles of e-juice shipped to their door every month.

ClickSure is excited about the opportunity to work with Happ-E-Juice. According to Account Manager Jordan Fielding, “This is our network’s first ever vaping related product offer, and we’re thrilled to have Happ-E-Juice lead the way.” Vas Blagodarskiy, co-owner of Happ-E-Juice, said, “We’re charting new territory here, so we’ll see how it goes! You plan, you hope for the best, but ultimately the free market will decide if our offer is good or not.”

Happ-E-Juice has an extensive Flavor & Taste Profile which allows their “juice-tenders” to pick the perfect flavors for each individual customer, every single time. That way, people don’t have to drive to the vape shop, wait in line, or try dozens of flavors until they find the one they love.

Contact Info:
ClickSure - Royal Road, Labourdonnais Village Mapou Rivière du Rempart District 31803 Mauritius.
Sai Shiva LLC - 8802 Stonebrook Ln, Columbia MD 21046.

Joshua R. is an independent freelance journalist. To learn more about Happ-E-Juice, watch the video on their homepage:

Contact Person: Jordan Fielding
Company: ClickSure
Address: Royal Road, Labourdonnais Village Mapou, Rivière du Rempart District, 31803, Mauritius
Phone: 1-888-853-3688
Email: [email protected]