Cloud or On-Premise Ecommerce Platform

Should You Choose a Cloud or On-Premise E-commerce Platform?
Cloud services are one of the most popular technologies news topics today. More and more enterprises are using the hybrid, public and private clouds as an IT business platform maintained by Managed lan. E-commerce is one of the industries where cloud computing services play a major role in ensuring reliable and uninterrupted online payments. How to choose a reliable cloud service provider and what you need to pay attention to?

To understand the benefits of cloud services in e-commerce, to begin with, let us identify the most important aspects of the operation of e-commerce business on the Internet. At the same time, it does not matter whether your company sells goods at retail, tickets, services, real estate, or provides online casino services - the common goal is to attract customers and satisfy their needs using effective business solutions. Using cloud services for your e-commerce website is one of these solutions.
Experts of IT Companies in Birmingham think that continuous availability is a vital necessity for any online business. To ensure uninterrupted business and maintain customer confidence, your payment platform should be available at all times! 24-hour availability of web pages and online payments is an essential requirement in the digital age that are strictly controlled my Managed IT Services companies! In addition, we all know well how irritating a slow-loading homepage can be. If the download speed is less than expected by the client, then the client will almost certainly not wait for the download and go away without spending his precious time and not making purchases. This feature emphasizes the importance of the IT platform, taking into account the features of the web page and the number of visits.

The geographical location of data centers plays a significant role in the availability of the cloud IT platform. The customers of large e-commerce companies are located in different places around the world, so the homepage should be accessible from anywhere and at any time. It is important to choose data centers from different geographical locations and wide network coverage. To ensure fast downloading content can be used as a content delivery network (the Content Delivery the Network, CDN). A powerful CDN network will increase the performance of your page and applications, providing high-speed simultaneous transfer of large files, video, and multimedia to your customers worldwide.

According to the leader in cloud infrastructure and technology, IT Companies in Birmingham, the availability of cloud services, cost reduction, and elasticity are the three main benefits of cloud services for businesses.
Reliable and secure platform
Against the background of growing competition between e-commerce and retail businesses, the role of using a reliable IT platform for business processes is growing. By entrusting your business data to a data center, you will noticeably increase your IT security. The reliable data center will provide high standards of security, climate control and cooling equipment, video surveillance, disaster recovery plan, 24/7 technical support availability and much more to ensure the security of your business’s systems and data.

One of the main concerns in e-commerce is the security of online payments. We live in a time when virtual attacks, virtual thefts of personal information and payment card data occur more often than physical ones. During the past year, the number of cyber attacks increased by 50%. When choosing a data center operator, you should be guided by the presence of a PCI DSS certificate at the data center, which guarantees both physical and virtual security of payment card data from unauthorized access, which in turn provides your e-commerce business with a reliable cloud platform.

A secure and reliable cloud service platform provides high availability. The costs incurred due to the downtime of IT equipment can be very significant, and sometimes even catastrophic. The competition in the field of data centers serves as a compelling motivation to maintain a high level of accessibility, from which the cloud service user ultimately benefits.
Cloud computing significantly improves the efficiency of business processes. Elasticity, or scalability, allows you to fully customize the cloud platform to the requirements of your business. You can use a certain amount of resources required for the operation of your web page and company. In addition to this, the use of cloud services allows you to quickly and easily increase or decrease the number of required IT resources, without exposing the business while undesirable risk. For example, you can scale resources during the peak period, even if it is seasonal or monthly. In addition, instead of a fixed fee for unused IT resources, the elasticity of cloud services provides variable costs depending on the number of resources used – Stated by a group of researchers of IT Companies in Birmingham.
Experienced data center experts and the latest technology
Using a cloud infrastructure based on the infrastructure of data centers, you not only trust the IT platform to experts, but also use the latest technologies and equipment of world leaders in the IT industry, such as VMware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Juniper, Cisco, DELL EMC, Citrix, IBM, and others. Data centers regularly update their IT infrastructure, providing you with the latest efficient solutions. Data center professionals customize cloud resources according to software, data volume, and the number of web page visits and other features of your business. Certified specialists will help you choose a cloud solution that is most appropriate for your business.

Considering the options for using cloud services, it is important to choose a data center that will provide all the benefits of a cloud platform at the highest level and guarantee reliability. Compliance with international standards, individual Managed lan services, the ability to visit the data center physically or virtually, high availability and security technologies are just a few factors to consider if you want to experience the full benefits of cloud technologies for your e-commerce business.


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