Core Plumbing Announces It Has Expanded Water Heater Repair And Replacement Services

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Core Plumbing recently made an announcement concerning its decision to expand its water heater repair and replacement services throughout the San Diego area. Core Plumbing stated that water heaters are essential appliances for homes and businesses, and its expanded services are intended to ensure that San Diego residents have easy access to working water heaters.

Core Plumbing began its announcement by pointing out some signs that homeowners should look for when trying to determine if their water heater is in need of repair. Core Plumbing mentioned that warning signs include rust, or rusty looking water; water leaking from the water heater; strange noises coming from the water heater; water that does not get hot; and a water heater that is over or nearing 10 years old. Core Plumbing stated that any of these warning signs could indicate a faulty water heater, which should be repaired or replaced immediately. Core Plumbing warned that the longer repairs are delayed, the costlier and more complicated they will be.

Core Plumbing also indicated that a well-functioning water heater reduces monthly energy bills. The company went on to state that its expanded water heater services include installation, which can be a dangerous and difficult task that homeowners should avoid performing on their own. The company also said that its expanded water heater repair and installation services cover a range of water heaters, including tankless water heaters, gas heaters, gas boilers, and tankless boilers. Further company details can be found at

Core Plumbing closed the announcement by providing further information about its history and services. Core Plumbing indicated that it is a family business, owned and operated by a father and son team. Core Plumbing also stated that it has been serving the San Diego area since 1989. Core Plumbing shared that it is a full service plumbing company, which handles residential and commercial plumbing repair, replacement, and remodel construction. Core Plumbing listed its services as the repair and installation of new plumbing fixtures, leak detection and repair, water piping and reroutes, gas piping repairs and installations, drain cleaning, sewer piping and repair, and kitchen and bath remodels. Reviews of the company can be seen at,-117.239052,12z/data=!4m18!1m12!4m11!1m3!2m2!1d-117.1133959!2d32.9657795!1m6!1m2!1s0x80dbf9c6150f15e9:0xb6c138a1b060b815!2sCore+Plumbing!2m2!1d-117.1133936!2d32.9596058!3m4!1s0x80dbf9c6150f15e9:0xb6c138a1b060b815!8m2!3d32.9596058!4d-117.1133936

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