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Kirk Paige Collections released a unique line of t-shirts displaying inspirational messages for people from all walks of life. The brand is based in Detroit, MI, where two local entrepreneurs came together with a shared purpose—create something that makes everyone feel welcome.

“We don't all have the same interests and beliefs,” says Kirk Paige Collections co-founder Derrick Kirk. “I love that our society is so diverse. We wanted our line to reflect that and make sure there was a shirt to support different groups of people. So, while you see some brands that cater to a specific audience, we want everyone to feel seen and included.”

No matter your religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or the causes that are important to you, there’s a message in the Kirk Paige assortment of shirts that you’ll be proud to wear. If you just like cool sayings, they have those too. The brand brings people together under the common theme that there is a power greater than us all.

“We’re all just trying to live happy, fulfilled lives,” Kirk says. “I want to be someone who embraces being comfortable with who you are. After the heightened division and tension we’ve seen in recent years, our goal is to find common ground with our products.”

Kirk Paige Collections began with a desire to build an inclusive go-to-shop for those who wear shirts with sayings as a form of self-expression. Its founders were thinking about how they must visit multiple websites to find t-shirts with different themes. Kirk explains, “We thought it would be so much easier if one site offered a wide range of concepts.”

The brand also sells hats and hoodies. Launched in July 2021, it already receives a steady stream of orders. Customers note fast shipping, excellent customer service, and style variety as reasons they shop Kirk Paige Collections.

Kirk describes the brand’s target demographic as, “anyone who has something to say.” These shirts will allow you to say it with your chest.

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Kirk Paige Collections is a lifestyle brand offering t-shirts and wearable items with inspirational messages. Founded in 2021, the brand is based in Detroit, Michigan.

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