When I began in building we didn't have any table like the Dewalt DW744XRS 10-inch table saw. Twenty or so years ago, one of the most popular saws was the old delta table saw with stand. This saw featured a 10-inch blade, and was very difficult to even adjust the blade heighth on. The guide was not very useful and even with the help of a tape measure it was very time consuming to keep the blade square to the cutting guide. In addition, the saw brushes in the motore wore out very quickly if the saw was used regularly. things are different since then.

modern saws are generations ahead of those antiquated saws of the past. nowadays a portable table saw is a critical part of the typical work-site. there are so many saws on the market today and it is very difficult to try out all the differenct options. At ConsumerToolReview, we have tried practically every saw made under the sun and would like to give you our experience with you. after a lot of testing, I can safely say that the DW744XRS is one the most durable saws that I have ever used. Most saws today can't compare with the outstanding feateures of the Dewalt DW74. i would have never thought back in the day that I would use a saw as as rugged and durable as the typical commercial grade portable table saw of today. Of all those saws today the DW744XRS is without equal as ranking high across the board.

The new Dewalt DW744 table saw is endowed with a high power 15 amp motor that cuts very nicely through hardwoods, fiber-boards, heavy plywood's, and even pressure treated lumber! The saw is basically a self-contained cutting system. The Dewalt DW744XRS has a build in stand that holds the sawsecurely. the fence system on the Dewalt DW744 is a rack and pinion system that insures that the guide fence is always parallel to the blade. The surface of the saw has a top area that is non-stick and a pleasure to run material across.

more than likely one of the nicest features of the Dewalt DW744XRS is that it is that it's the lightest saw in its class! A lot of the builders, do-it-yourselfers, and general contractors alike love this saw because its so light for that type of saw. Dewalt was a first to offer a light, rugged saw that was also one of the most powerful saws as well. I have used my Dewalt DW744 for a long time with nothing but a blade change needed!

If you would like the bes saw that can keep up with you and your most difficult jobs you should consider the DW77XRS. This saw folds up into a compact package that is very easy to haul around on it's self-contained wheels. This saw also has a nice storage area on the side that can hold a spare blade and a "push stick", which has saved my fdigits more times than I can count. I know a lot of the general contractors out there think its not "cool" to use the gogles and a push stick but after my years of experience it is wisest choice. All in all, the Dewalt DW744 is one of the most powerful, most rugged, and lightest saws on job-sites today.

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