Miami, FL ( 12pressrelease ) November 16, 2009 - The purpose of a travel mug is to insulate a warm beverage so heat does not dissipate before it can be enjoyed. But since the 1980's travel mug makers have been trying to create a travel mug that has all the necessary functions to meet an ever-changing world. Travel mugs have developed standard features like sip tops, rubber grips and sizes that will fit in the average cup holder. Travel mug designers have also used various materials from plastic to stainless steel to insulate these mugs and keep beverages warm longer. This quest for travel mug perfection inspired the release of the 16 oz. Ringed Travel Mug. This travel mug was "designed with the coffee drinker in mind" according to CEO of ( Amin Rahman and "combines all of the qualities and none of the flaws of traditional travel mug designs" and is "The Travel Mug of the Future" according to Rahman.

These 16 oz. Ringed Travel Mugs combine popular travel mug materials and designs to create a mug that fuses other travel mug qualities into a single product. Many travel mugs are made of either stainless steel or hard plastic as these items are both durable and insulate warm beverages. The 16 oz. Ringed Travel Mug has a stainless steel lid for tight sealing and midsection for insulation, but reserves its upper area and base for hard plastic. The benefits of these fused designs include better insulation, tighter seal and higher quality aesthetics. Stainless steel is notoriously bland in design but necessary for insulation and hard plastic is easy on the eyes but does not keep beverages warm as long as steel.

However, the real innovation these 16 oz. Ringed Travel Mugs bring to standard travel mug designs are their unique grips. Responsible for their namesake, these grips use ringed bands of rubber to provide a grip that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Hard plastic and stainless steel are slick materials and have created lack of grip in previous travel mug designs. An initial solution to this problem was a large rubber wrap around the center of the travel mug and even travel mugs coated entirely with rubber. While this solved the issue of grip, it left many travel mug users seeking something with a little more style. These ringed bans of rubber provide that style by using as little rubber as possible keeping the design sleek and smooth.

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