East England Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Curt Hems, is expanding his business remit with the launch of a new marketing company. The company, Creed Marketing, is likely to be Hems’ next great success thanks to a combination of proven experience and a fresh new approach to how businesses should be marketed to the general public.

About Curt Hems

Curt Hems started his first business at the age of 19. Since then, Hems has enjoyed four fruitful years in business, which includes the ownership of a business that now employs 25 staff and continues to grow from strength to strength. Hems’ natural ability and determination to succeed was recognised by the FSB Awards, who showcase local businesses and entrepreneurs. Thanks to his success thus far, Hems was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the East of England category in recognition of his entrepreneurial abilities.

Hems brings a huge amount of experience to the table. He has worked with a number of household names in the past to great acclaim, and his forward-thinking attitude has helped Hems to build an incredible track record despite his youth. As a result of this wealth of experience, his newest venture, Creed Marketing, is definitely one to watch. The new enterprise takes Hems into an entirely new sector, but still stands to benefit from his vast experience in the business arena.

About Creed Marketing

Creed Marketing will assist business and entrepreneurs with all aspects of their marketing efforts. The business was launched at the end of 2017, and offers a range of options to prospective customers. These include website production, SEO services, PPC campaign services, branding, social retargeting, and social media marketing, making Creed Marketing a one-stop-shop for all prospective clients.

Marketing is a sprawling sector of business, full of different approaches but relatively few new ideas. However, Hems and Creed Marketing are set to be innovators, having created a tailored approach that helps to ensure the best results for their clients. Unlike the “jack of all trades” approach so favoured by less dynamic marketing firms, Creed Marketing seeks to target specific industries to create custom campaigns that are most likely to produce results. Creed display an ability to create campaigns that place their client’s marketing efforts in front of specific audiences who are most likely to buy, providing a laser-focus on ensuring all marketing efforts are seen by the right people. As a result of this strategic approach, clients will find that conversion rates increase exponentially and return on investment is vastly improved.

The combination of this new approach to the marketing industry and Hems’ previous outstanding business record suggests Creed Marketing is destined for big things. The new company is sure to be yet another string to the already accomplished bow of Hems and help to solidify his reputation as a bright, engaged entrepreneur of the future.

For more information on Creed Marketing and the services it offers, contact Curt Hems at [email protected] or by calling 0800 234 3440

Curt Hems
Company: Creed Marketing
Address: 2a Swaines Industrial Estate, Essex, UK
Telephone: 0800 234 3440
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://creed.marketing