Ecolloy Featured At Monumental 2017 Nepcon Microelectronics Expo In Shanghai

Shanghai, China — Accures and Qualitek Asian Group Of Companies presents ECOLLOY â„¢, a revolutionary, high performance lead free solder alloy at the international 2017 NEPCON Microelectronics Expo in Shanghai, China this week.

NEPCON China is a prestigious professional trade platform and exhibition on surface mount technology and electronics manufacturing automation that brings together over 450 renowned brands from the electronics manufacturing industry around the globe.

“We felt that an event as renowned as NEPCON was the perfect place for us to showcase our new ECOLLOY â„¢ products, poised to change efficiency around the world as we know it,” said Martin Han, of Qualitek Asian Group Of Companies.

ECOLLOY â„¢ debuted their full line of products to thousands of attendees at the three-day event.

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