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( New York, USA - February 19, 2011 Budget Planners Debt Consolidation Resources, a leading American provider of credit card debt consolidation programs, is now offering free debt consultation to all consumers in search of an effective solution to their financial difficulties.

Budget Planners has been dedicated to helping consumers alleviate financial burdens for many years now. This is achieved through effective credit card debt consolidation programs. The company has helped thousands of individuals overcome their financial problems, become debt free and reclaim control over their financial future.

Budget Planners partners with counseling and debt settlement offices whose experts work on the consumer‘s behalf to gain money saving benefits from creditors. These benefits generally carry lower interest rates than those offered by banks or other financial institutions for personal or mortgage loans. Anyone, irrespective of their credit history, can enter Budget Planners‘ credit counseling program. Little home equity, high debt-to-income ratio or an unfavorable credit report, which make it impossible for consumers to get a bank loan, have very little importance when it comes to Budget Planners‘ credit counseling programs.

Budget Planners and their professional credit counselors provide consumers with a credit card debt consolidation programs which was specifically designed to eliminate unnecessary costs and ease the burden of trying to handle debts on your own. Furthermore, unlike other credit counseling agencies, Budget Planners only works with offices which disburse customer funds on a daily basis. This eliminates the possibility of missing creditor due dates and paying unnecessary late fees, which eventually means more savings for the consumer.

Budget Planners acknowledges the importance of maintaining the highest standards of service. Therefore, every credit counseling and debt settlement office that Budget Planners uses is required to complete intensive training. All counselors that Budget Planners works with are required to take scheduled courses to ensure that they are up to date with the latest developments in the credit counseling community.

The experts at Budget Planners have made it their priority to help consumers prevent uncontrollable debt. Their counseling offices help individuals recognize their income limits and create a manageable budget. Budget Planners‘ trained professionals will not only find the most appropriate ways to remedy the current financial situation, but they will also provide sound solutions to prevent future financial difficulty.

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