I'm sure you Woulndt Mind some free ways to Drive traffic

If you are anything like the big marketers out there. You LOVE free ways to drive traffic to your site. The only question is WHICH free ways work?

Before I continue I will say LIKE THIS POST, SHARE THIS WITH YOUR TEAMS, and USE THE METHODS! Your team wants free ways to drive traffic as well as paid ways. Focus on the Free ways To Drive Traffic Until you make money to pay for your advertising

Many Free Ways to Drive Traffic

The majority of you have blogs already and are paying money every month to maintain them. You are looking for free ways to drive traffic that WORK well. The big thing is to get your money back from the investment ASAP! Blogging is probably the easiest way to drive traffic to any site.

Lets Assume you have an Empower Network Blog. If you don't, Get one now!

$25 a month for power house blogging site.

The reason I say get Empower Network is because it makes driving traffic to sites SOOOO much easier. Don't Be a Wussy and listen to excuses! You can do it. You can make money and You can rank on the first page of google that much faster. So you can get paid that much sooner. The first step in ranking and driving traffic is WRITING QUALITY content. The list of steps are:

  1. Write Quality Content
  2. Have a keyword people search for.
  3. Use Ping sites like http://www.pingfarm.com/?and http://bulkping.com/
  4. Build back links and social proof. You can do that through Social Monkee?A backlink is like a bridge to your site. The more bridges the more traffic you get. The more traffic you get, the more leads you get, and the more money you make. This is all from the free ways to drive traffic to your sales page!
  5. All you do is repeat the process for EVERY article you write.

If you do those steps in your Empower Network blog you will get on the first page of google faster and easier than you will on your own. I know from experience.

There are many free ways to drive traffic but these have worked really well for me and many other marketers.

One thing you want to really focus on is building social proof through twitter facebook and linked in. You can even use myspace. They are all free ways to drive traffic and they all work.

You just have to stick to them Constantly! Month one will be tough then month two will be less tough and so on.

Get Free ways to drive traffic to pay you then you can get paid marketing that will blow your business up even more!

Make sure you get Empower Network set up so you can use the free ways to drive traffic to build your business and blow up your income!


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