Garage Door Services and Repair Inc has officially announced a complete range of services for the residents of Houston. The garage door repair Houston TX company, known for delivering quality garage door repairing and installation services, also wants to expand its base beyond Houston. Since customers want faster service with perfect accuracy, expansion has always been on the cards for them. The owners revealed at a recent press conference that they will be setting up new operational bases outside Houston during August-September 2019.

Garage Door Services and Repair Inc specializes in residential and commercial garage door repair and installation. From the standard garage doors of homeowners to the commercial ones — the experienced technicians are capable to deal with any kind of garage doors.

"The malfunctioning parts of garage doors are often left overlooked and later on, this gives birth to bigger issues. Upon diagnosing the matter, our trained technicians cautiously remove the damaged pieces like track, spring, panel, cable, and others, and install the new ones if needed", stated Thomas Wang, one of the chief executives of the company.

Aside from its regular list of garage door services of Houston, the company has added quite a few new services to its catalog keeping in mind the requirements of garage owners in Houston and surrounding areas, such as remote assistance, damaged keypad entry lock, etc.

"It's always been quality that we focus on," Thomas Wang continued, "Customers rely on us because we provide the best possible solutions at very competitive rates. The same day service is also available if the customers want to fix up their garage doors as early as possible. Our mobile service van is well-equipped with proper appliances and crew members are specially trained to handle those stuff. Garage Door Services and Repair Inc technicians believe in ethics, so we take no shortcuts. It's about what the customers want, what they get and with the generous customer service, our business will continue to expand for years to come", he concluded.

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Garage Door Services and Repair Inc is a reputable garage door servicing company from Houston, Texas.

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