While consumers are always out on the prowl for the latest hand held GPS units, possessing the dandiest features and the largest screen displays imaginable, others prefer to go after simpler variations. The reason behind this is no surprise, as the best PNDs can be quite expensive, and contain a bunch of features that may not be needed by certain drivers.

Garmin GPS devices come in many varieties - consumers who are looking for a simple portable navigation device, and are okay with a relatively small screen display of 3.5 inches, then the Nuvi 1260T may be the ideal unit for them.
A couple of standout features can be found in this navigational assistant, such as a Bluetooth phone interface, which gives users a better hands-free mobile communications experience, and free lifetime traffic updates.

Aside from being preprogrammed with maps of Northern America, the standard "Where to" and "View map" can be found neatly displayed in the 1260T's home screen display. A good function that comes built in the 1260T is "ecoRoute" - the app will allow this hand held GPS gizmo to cleverly track fuel usage.

Not only that, but the application can actually be used to plot alternative fuel-efficient routes when getting from point A to B, saving the driver gas money. In addition to this, travel tools have been thrown into this Garmin GPS device as well, such as a calculator, measurement converter, currency converter, world clock, and even a JPEG viewer.

Typical features which have been excluded from the 1260T include Garmin's Lane Assist. Depending on where the driver usually travels, this may either be a big issue or nothing to worry about. The feature guides drivers to the correct lane when making highway maneuvers. In some areas, this function is much needed as a safety precaution.

With that said, an alternative Garmin GPS model that includes the Lane Assist would be the 1350T. On the other hand, this doesn't include a Bluetooth phone interface, which can be a major setback for those who frequently converse on their mobile phones while on the go. Whichever of these two hand held GPS models are chosen, simply contemplating over which two features are needed the most will help with the final purchasing decision.

The Nuvi 1260T may be affordable at around $150, but it packs all the necessary features a driver will basically need while traveling on the road. Screen display may be a bit small at 3.5 inches, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem for those who can adapt.

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