German father of an illegal immigrant child threatens US President Trump

It is popularly said that parental care goes a long way in determining the kind of adult a child grows into. Therefore, it is not surprising for caring to go the extra mile to ensure their children get the best upbringing starting from a strong family foundation. The same cannot be said of Jubilie Anqui, an illegal Filipino immigrant in the United States who has taken it upon herself to jeopardize the future of her son, Duke Sean Schurmann, as she continues to keep Sean illegally in the United States of America against Federal Immigration Laws.

Jubilie Anqui has been able to achieve her evil deeds no thanks to the support she has been receiving from her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick, corrupt judges and the negligence of top government officials who have seemingly turned deaf ears to the plight of Sean and his son. Since the kidnap of Duke Sean by Jubilie Anqui, Stephan Schuermann has written several letters to Governors and other persons in Government, including the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump to ensure the release of his boy. However, all is efforts have remained futile.

In his new update of his website, Stephan Schuermann reveals the names of the persons he has contacted over the years and the action or inaction of such individuals. He particularly states how indifferent President Trump has been to his case, especially after paying lip service to the fight against illegal immigration in the United States.

The names of these criminal, lawless and corrupt judges are: judge Marry Koch Polson, judge Michael A. Flowers, judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, judge Terrence Ketchel, (Okaloosa County Court, Florida). In addition, there is mentally disturbed judge Richard McKelvie (Utah Court) who all have dubiously supported Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick who works at , consequently aiding and abetting the harboring of two illegal immigrants.

However, it is quite unfortunate that no response or action has been taken in this regards, putting the life and future of Duke Sean in danger as he continues to remain in the custody of an illegal immigrant and her criminal boyfriend.

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