Surgeons, dentists and doctors often complain about some physical difficulties they go through due to long hours working hours. It is becoming a prime concern nowadays, inappropriate sitting postures and strain in eyes can be quite harmful for an individual health. ´Loupedirect‘ deal with best and affordable quality loupes; they have wide range of Dental loupes. Being true professional experts, they have recently unveiled the Third generation (G3) Fusion Loupes which is perfect combination of quality and style. Some notable features of this loupe are G3 fusion sporty frame, Ploycarbonate lens, 4A Lens Treatment along with a soft sporty temple design.

Some of the major benefits that are provided by dental or surgical loupes are as follows-

• They provide an enhanced view of your instruments.
• You can get a better view of oral cavity.
• It helps in improving your body posture.

Before you head for buying a pair of medical loupes, there are some considerations which are to be kept in mind. Firstly, you need to choose the best suitable optics along with a quality frame. You should have clear ideas about the requirement of magnification, light transmission, depth of field and working distance. Magnification loupes are becoming an ideal choice of dentists, dental hygienists, surgeons and even doctors; in order to improve the standard of treatment for your patients you will surely require a pair of loupes.

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Once the purchase with them, you can return the product within fourteen days if you do not find them worth. Each loupe comes with a lifetime warranty and all the frames are provided with three years warranty. To have a detailed view and make your purchases just browse through