Wall hacks is a software development company which specializes in producing world’s best paid cheats for famous games like Rules of Survival. Currently the company is the absolute leader on the market for cheats for this game and many others. With a talented team of developers behind the ROS WW2 hack had all the chances to be the only favourite cheat of the entire community. With a great RoS hack which lets you nullify the presence of campers and other blatant cheaters who make the game uninteresting the hack allows you to enjoy the game at the maximum levels and play it with full adrenaline.

The main product of the company is of course the Rules of Survival hack. What can you do with it? Just aim anywhere near your enemy and see a swift bullet flying straight through his head. Of course you can calibrate the cheat so that the error is higher but you also can set it so you get headshot after headshot and you enemies just leave the game because you dominate the so hard.
The RoS hack is the highest end cheat up to date and it works on various platforms like Wii, PS4, PC and many others. As you might have understood from before the cheat is not a free one. In order to get the cheat one must pay for the amount of time he is going to use it. The company operates via PayPal and there the users can set whether they want to pay it manually every month or if they want the payment to be recurring.

Another important thing about the hack is that it operates via some hardware ID and in order to use it on another PC you will have to reset your launcher ID manually so you can get it from your personal computer to you laptop for example if you go on vacation. Moreover, the company only allows for no more than 2 resets per month so people will not abuse the hack and not pay the fees for the development.

In conclusion if anyone want a seamless experience with the Rules of Survival it is clear he has to go for the Rules of Survival hack, it makes the game easy and enjoyable and at the same time, you will be fortunate enough to see people suffering from your domination.

About company:

Wallhax is run by an international team from around the world. Its members are skilled in multiple fields, from programming, to design and marketing, to web development and more. Wallhax was formed with the aim to build a site offering affordable private cheats with an emphasis placed on user’s security. While many sites have cheats detected each week, or multiple times per month, they aim to offer much safer cheats that aren’t costing you a game account every other day.

Company: Wallhax
Contact Name: Arthur S. Aderholt
Address: 4107 Griffin Street, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 602-260-0736
Website: http://wallhax.com/