Leading provider of talent mobility solutions, Randstad RiseSmart, has recently intensified their outplacement efforts to help mitigate the mass organizational restructuring and unemployment rates faced by Australian companies and employees post-pandemic.

Since COVID-19 put downward pressure on the Australian economy, organizations big and small have been forced to consider restructuring options to stay afloat.. Organizations are paying the price by losing loyal employees, intellectual property, and productivity as Human Resources (HR) departments are overburdened with redeployment notifications and processes. However, unfortunately impacted employees pay the ultimate price when re-entering a novel job market rife with desperate searchers and fierce competition.

Randstad RiseSmart’s mission is to nurture these employees into their new beginnings, whether within or out of their current organization, through their innovative and compassionate outplacement solutions. Simultaneously, they endeavour to lessen the burden on employers and HR professionals, strengthening employer brands and maintaining the morale and productivity of remaining employees. Exiting employees receive career coaching matched on expertise with 80 per cent lower candidate-to-coach ratios and resume writing and branding services from professional writers to get market-ready faster. They will be supported as individuals to find new opportunities through relevant job leads hand-selected by a personal job concierge, access to Randstad RiseSmart’s innovative online resources and platforms, and semantically matched and ranked job opportunities. This ensures that impacted employees transition into their new opportunities efficiently and successfully, whether being a new job, contract work, entrepreneurship, volunteer work or creative retirement.

By investing in such compassionate outplacement solutions, employers are able to protect their reputation, strengthen their employer brand, and re-engage talent. These solutions are also tailored to support employers and HR professionals as they grapple with the difficulties of unavoidable workforce transformations. Through best practice advice and customised solutions, HR professionals will be able to navigate redeployment efforts with confidence, speed, and simplicity. They will also have access to Randstad RiseSmart’s award-winning patented technology, online platforms, and resources that are designed to empower them during this trying time. This technology provides clear-cut results to help HR professionals successfully navigate and validate their outplacement efforts through real-time performance tracking and analysis and immediate insights into alumni employee sentiment.

The time for such compassionate and effective outplacement solutions has never been more critical than now; as Australia’s rising unemployment rates have left thousands of individuals and families wondering where their next paycheck will come from. . Unfortunately, many organizations have avoided seeking professional outplacement services, as their affordability, accessibility, and ROI are largely unknown by decision makers. This prompted Randstad RiseSmart to step in and intensify their outplacement services and educational efforts, reaching out to struggling organizations and employees in the hopes of expanding their impact.

Randstad RiseSmart boasts 98 per cent satisfaction rates, double the brand protection, 83 per cent of landings at equal or better pay, and 60 per cent faster landing times than the national average, they are perfectly placed to offer such sensitive services. Employers will enjoy positive brand sentiment, peace of mind, and industry-leading ROIs whilst impacted employees will land new employment opportunities easier, faster, and smarter. Through lifetime cost-saving recommendations, best practices advice, and outplacement solutions, Randstad RiseSmart makes good on their promise of lessening the burden on employers, protecting employer brands, and supporting impacted employees from beginning-to-beginning.

About us:
Randstad RiseSmart is the world’s fastest-growing career transition and talent mobility provider. Their outplacement, career development, redeployment and contemporary Tech & Touch solutions help organizations in more than 40 industries and 80 countries strengthen employer brands, improve retention and re-engage talent. They deliver superior outcomes through expert coaching, professional branding, modern resources and on-demand analytics. Randstad RiseSmart intensified their outplacement solutions to help affected employees successfully and meaningfully navigate the mass organizational restructuring caused by COVID-19. For those who would like to make use of Randstad RiseSmart’s outplacement solutions, please contact one of their experts on 1300 72 43 43 or visit www.randstadrisesmart.com.au.

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