If a person wants to be with the "in" crowd, he or she must get a GPS unit. A smartphone is a useful device but the TomTom Go Live 1005 provides drivers with many more additional useful features.

Driving with a hand held GPS and TomTom commercial GPS opens an amazing world where pedestrians don't have to worry about being run over by distracted motorists as they follow directions on their phones. Hidden cameras are obsolete, too. New opportunities, time and money saved, are all the good things that TomTom Go Live 1005 has to offer.

Drivers will fall in love with its design! The 5-inch screen is just the right size, with a smaller size GPS, viewing the map is too difficult. However, a very big GPS unit will just be a huge distraction. The size of the screen in Tom Tom Go Live 1005 is just perfect! The design is basically simple, as the back also serves as the full screen. Made of nice solid metal, the back contains the holes for the speaker. The mounting system has a suction cup for the window but it is secured in place with a knob. It also has a 1005 clip on the mount, which is kept in place by a magnet.

Drivers are happy as they get to their destination faster by following a route that can get them to their destination in less time! The 1005 GPS is loud and will instruct drivers to the right route, so they don't have to miss a turn. There will be more sounds and directing along the way to insure that the driver is following the right direction. The voice is loud and clear, and is not diminished by any loud music or device sounds. Hand held GPS and TomTom commercial GPS allows drivers to reach their destination a in no time! These gadgets are helpful in finding new routes to avoid traffic in the future. The detection of speeding cameras is always accurate, as well.

The touch screen may not be that sensitive but it is like that for a reason. More punches are needed to make it work. The interface is logical and intuitive.

Aside from a smartphone, hand held GPS is still one of the devices which will be considered in the near future as a necessity. Besides, people who always want to be the first one to use new technology must have one. TomTom commercial GPS will help drivers avoid traffic and make the road a safer place.

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