Bajaj Allianz helps you plan your child‘s future

The most important responsibility for parents around the world is taking care of their child. Parents have to plan a secure future for their child. A well thought out financial plan that covers the important aspects of a child‘s life lay in the hands of the parents. This is the time when thoughtful financial planning can help fulfil the aspirations for your children.

A child goes through so many stages in life schooling, college, career, marriage and further vital events. A plan to secure finances for the landmarks in your child‘s life is required for smoothing out the wrinkles that may hinder your child‘s opportunities when the time comes. These are high priority life goals which require the stability of a good financial background.

The right way to prepare for securing your child‘s future is by starting to save and invest in a good insurance plan. Insurance is a critical instrument that helps you plan for your child‘s needs. Just saving for your child isn‘t enough, investing early in a child insurance plan will help provide a financial security blanket to cover any eventuality that may arise.

Investing in a child‘s plan is simple and rewarding. The importance of an investment in a child plan is to secure for future expenses that will come their way in the form of college fees, studying abroad, wedding and career decisions. Such high goals that are part of your child‘s life can be successfully reached with the help of a child plan. Wouldn‘t you love to see your child passing each milestone successfully? A child plan makes this vision a reality.

Keeping your child‘s future in mind, Bajaj Allianz has come out with four unique plans to help you give the best that your child deserves:

1. Bajaj Allianz New UnitGain Plan

2. Bajaj Allianz ´ChildGain‘ Plan

3. Bajaj Allianz YoungCare
4. Bajaj Allianz YoungCare Plus

Some common features of a child plan are:

1. Maximum flexibility

2. Free Guaranteed Life Cover

3. Investment in child plan are tax exempted

4. The term period is normally of 10-15 years

Each of the Plans have unique features and benefits. You can scan through the details of these helpful plans for your Child and you by visiting The Bajaj Allianz Child Plan helps you enjoy the joys of parenthood responsibly, with the reassurance of a secure future for your child.

About Bajaj Allianz:
Bajaj Allianz is one of the leading Private Sector life & general insurance companies in India. Bajaj Allianz is a union between Allianz SE, the world‘s leading insurer and Bajaj Finserv Limited (recently demerged from Bajaj Auto Limited, one of India‘s most respected names). Allianz SE is a leading insurance conglomerate globally and one of the largest asset managers in the world, managing assets worth over a Trillion Euros (over Rs. 55, 00,000 crores). At Bajaj Allianz, customer delight is our guiding principle. Ensuring world class solutions by offering you customized products with transparent benefits supported by the best technology is our business philosophy. Bajaj Allianz began its operations in 2001 and today has a pan-India presence over 1100+ towns across the country.

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