HIV and insurance are two topics that have been debated over the years. The reason behind this argument is that most life insurers up until date have not desired to accept the risk of insuring those with HIV. Individuals with HIV and AIDS have a higher mortality rate and because of this insurers feared a greater loss of income if they choose to provide insurance for HIV infected people.

Still to this day life insurers world- wide do not provide life insurance coverage, in fact South Africa is one of the only two countries in the world in which those who are HIV positive can have access to life insurance policies. Much research has gone into the mortality rate of individuals living with HIV.

These days however, with much more information and better medication people living with HIV are generally living much longer lives. An individual living with HIV can easily surpass 3 decades with the disease, proving that HIV and insurance need not be subjects which cause dispute.

Because the life span of those who are HIV positive has increased, insurers started to create life insurance products for people living with this disease. In the beginning these insurance products would be extremely expensive as life insurers had to ensure they would not suffer lose however more insurers are providing affordable life insurance.

You can find a minimum of five insurers who offer life insurance to HIV infected people. Each of these have policies which are tailored diversely. You will get an estimate from each of them and find out the fine print of each policy. Certain insurers deal particularly with diseases such as HIV, AIDS and Diabetes, these insurers most often have among the best deals when it comes to insurance policies.

HIV and insurance need not be mutually exclusive, and hopefully one day all life insurers will offer insurance for anyone living with HIV, in order that we will all have the ability to make financial provision for our family members no matter what type of disease we might have. As the life span of those living with HIV raises , the restrictions concerning HIV and insurance must change.

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