Honey: not just a sweetener but a lot more.

(12PressRelease.com) Manchester (Feburary, 2011)-Honey is one of those naturalproducts that have benefitted the humans in many ways. The versatility of honeymakes it usable for many purposes. It has been in use for more than a thousandyears. Honey when included in diet brings in several health related benefits tothe body. There are hardly any negatives associated with honey.

Raw honey has more health related benefits when compared tothe processed one. Raw Honey Benefitsinclude antiseptic, antibiotic, fat burner, source of minerals and many more.Earlier when there were no synthetic antiseptic chemicals, honey was used to cure external injuries like cuts, bruises or scars. Raw honey cannot be decomposed by bacterial action and hence can be stored as long as required. The natural sugars present in honey make it consumable by diabetics, but in small quantities only.

People try out so many things to bring down their weight butfail to reap benefits of honey. There are many combinations that can reduce body weight. Perhaps the best combination is of Honey and Lemon for Weight Loss. There is a lot of fat accumulated in the body of an overweight person. Body uses glucose and other sugars to generate energy and the fat remains unused. But honey facilitates burning of fat. This way it brings down the level of cholesterol in the body. A teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice in lukewarm water when taken empty stomach can prove very helpful for weight loss.

Cactus Honey Powder is not extracted from cactus. A common misconception associated with Cactus Honey Powder is that it is obtained from cactus flowers and then turned into powder. In fact it is hardly honey as the process of extraction is not natural and no honey bees are involved in the process. The juice of Agave (a cactus plant) is used to make this powder. The juice is purified and heated to evaporate water and finally only powder is left that is used as a sweetener.

Benefits of honey are many. When mixed with milk or lemon juice the nutritional benefits rise further. Raw honey benefits include many more things, like it enhances the taste without posing any risk to health. As said earlier Honey and Lemon For weight loss is very beneficial. But these benefits are associated only with raw honey and not with boiled honey. Make sure that the honey you are buying is raw and not boiled. Cactus Honey Powder is not honey at all but is equally healthy. It is in powdered form hence can be used as perfect substitute to sugar. It can be used to cook anything that involves sugar usage without using sugar. There are hardly any health related issues associated with Cactus Honey Powder.

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