Milliions of people have been jogging for a long time because they enjoy it and also love the health benefits. It's great because really, as soon as you start your jog you know you're burning calories, getting a little more fit, and your body and mind are happy with what you're doing. What follows in this article is a discussion about how you can reap the most from jogging and having fun.

It's critically important to do a pre and post jogging stretching routine. This is one of the most important things you can do to avoid injuries. Stretching helps keep your muscles flexible and able to withstand the impact of jogging or running. When you stretch, you should stay relaxed and not strain yourself. The entire point for stretching to to avoid injury, so don't cause them by stretching "to impress" and proceed slowly. You should stretch your muscles, but not to the point of feeling pain.

Most importantly is to remember to ease into stretching whenever you do it, and relax.

If you're new to running, or jogging, then we recommend you start slow and do power walking. If you're new to running or haven't exercised in a while, you can help your legs and body get acclimated, so to speak, by walking. It doesn't matter how slowly you go, and then take your time and make slow improvements. When you feel comfortable, you can move from a power walk to a jog, until you reach a pace that seems right for you. When you proceed slowly and with caution, then you're reducing the chances of possible injury. There are people all over who actually stick with power walking because it just works better for them, and actually power walking is an excellent exercise, as well. We still recommend walking first because it's a safe and effective way to get used to running.

It is likely that you started your running routine to become a healthier person, but you probably also want to drop some pesky pounds. To get the most from any running routine, make sure you eat only healthy foods. When you eat a clean diet, you will not only drop those pesky pounds, but you'll also have all the fuel you need to get through your run. Foods that are bad for you, like cakes and cookies, often make you feel tired. Merely cutting the amount of calories you eat, and keeping away from too much junk food and sweet foods, you will give yourself much more energy for your running routine. This will help you to feel better and lose the pounds you are trying to shed. In closing, use these running techniques that you just learned about to remain as fit as possible and to keep your motivation up so that you never stray from your running routine plan. Remember that if you hope to get in shape using running, you have to make the activity a part of what you do on a daily basis. That's why it's so important to be careful and sensible when you run or jog, so you'll be able to keep going with a minimum of problems to slow you down.

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