USA -, a PayPal verified online seller of MMORPG items, recently started selling World of Warcraft Gold for avid gamers. The owners of the online store told that the WoW Gold and other items are priced competitively so that regular gamers can find a good bargain on their website. They said that they want to stick out in the competitive market segment with their aggressive pricing, fast delivery and after-sales service., now in the news for the cheap WoW Gold that they are offering, also sells FIFA 16 coins, RS Gold, Final Fantasy items, Guild Wars items, just to name a few. The owners stated that their aim is to meet the precise needs of the WoW gaming addicts around the world. They said that price of WoW Gold starts from as low as 20 USD. The owners also added that they have now ensured instant face-to-face delivery of World of Warcraft Gold and other items through world-class online purchase system.

“We know MMORPG addicts are impatient by nature. They are always on a lookout for cheaper World of Warcraft items. For this reason only, we wanted to ensure instant delivery of these items. It is easy to buy WoW Gold from our store, as we have PayPal as a payment option. We know PayPal has wide acceptance and it is commonly used by gamers as a payment method. People can buy Gold and other items directly from our website and we can assure face-to-face delivery”, said one senior marketing officer of

The CEO of the online retail store also confirmed that buyers can also choose their faction and server before buying WoW Gold. “Interested ones can choose from two options — Alliance and Horde. Moreover, the gold items are arranged alphabetically, which will definitely help the buyers to narrow down their options really fast”, he said. “For getting face-to-face delivery, buyers of World of Warcraft Gold only need to choose the ‘I Am Online’ option so that they can easily avail the face-to-face delivery option”, he further added.

About the Company is an online store that sells all sorts of items for massive Multiplayer Online gaming addicts.

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