The brand new Blue Haven Super Swim Spa Pool has set a new standard in energy saving spas while creating a new and more relaxing swim experience.

The Blue Haven Super Swim Spa is perfect for those who want the benefits of a pool but don‘t have the space. In fact if your main motivation for owning a pool is swimming for exercise, there‘s no better solution than the Super Swim Spa, as it allows you to swim non-stop without ever having to turn around, with the only limitation being your own endurance!

What sets the Blue Haven Super Swim Spa apart from others is that it runs on a 15 amp power point and does not rely on motors to swim against. Thus reducing electricity and running costs (as opposed to other swim spas that require 45 amps), while offering a more comfortable swim, minus the problems created by swimming directly into a powerful jet.
Instead the Super Swim Spa utilises the Patented 'Super Swim' fibre rod and comfortable restraining safety belt that you fasten to your waist which allows you to swim in a continuous motion. As there‘s no water surging in your face, you don‘t even have to wear goggles to protect your eyes and can swim at your own pace. The 'Super Swim' is designed for all ages and stages, from the beginner to the most advanced swimmer so everyone can benefit

The Blue Haven Super Swim Spa also boasts the longest swim length available in the industry for 4.2 metre pool length.

Then when you‘ve finished swimming, or just want to relax, you can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing spa as the Blue Haven Super Swim Spa is equipped with seating for six with jets strategically placed to target tired muscles. The spa jets of the super swim spa are powered by one of the leading massage pumps in the industry, pumping approx. 825 LPM allowing the jets to create the ultimate therapy action.

The Blue Haven Super Swim Spa is made from durable acrylic with fibreglass reinforcement and looks beautiful in any backyard. They can be portable or can be built into a deck or in the ground depending on your yard and requirements. They come with a massive 25 year structural warranty and backed by very experienced spa manufacturers.

Blue Haven Spas is one of the only Spa companies that is licensed to perform work in your backyard and is backed by years and years of experience.

The Blue Haven Super Swim Spa also represents excellent value for money as it offers all the benefits of a lapping pool and therapeutic spa in one for just $12,990 RRP.

About Blue Haven:
Blue Haven is completely family-owned and operated throughout Sydney and Central Coast. It is an innovator and industry leader & is committed to providing the largest range of both a good product and great service to its customers and community. It provides the backyard pool a more affordable option than any other builder. With its evolving business strategies, its business has grown tremendously in the past decade. Blue Haven has grown to be recognised the world over as an innovator in the swimming pool and spa industry. For more information call Blue Haven Pools on 132025 or visit