You might wonder how a businessman, philanthropist, and self-improvement guru has ended up catching the attention of Jay Adams. It is simply because Jordan Wirsz has “The Heart of a Fighter”, which is the title of the segment in which he will appear on Adams‘ Brawl Call this December.

Jordan Wirsz is one man that cannot be kept down. He has been obsessed with personal-development since he was a child and he has proven himself again and again in business, peak performance coaching, and philanthropy. Now Wirsz works to help others find success with his company Jordan Wirsz International Inc.

Wirsz believes that even though we all have challenges to overcome, we must put ourselves up to the task. He says, “Those who settle for mediocrity in their lives, who fear themselves and others, are not accepting the gifts God has given them.” Wirsz has accepted his gifts and brought them to fruition.

Wirsz has overcome many challenges in order to rise to success. Peak performance is a must no matter what and Wirsz will discuss with Adams how this is relevant to everyone, including and especially UFC fighters. “If you are content, you are on your way to misery,” says Wirsz. “One thing is for sure. Life will change, and so will whatever you are content with.” This applies whether you are a fighter or a housewife.

Tune in to see Jordan Wirsz on Brawl Call this December. Peak performance and success are not only possible, they are necessary if you are going to live an extraordinary life and no person should allow anything to hold them back.

About Jordan Wirsz:

Jordan Wirsz is peak performance coach, life coach, business coach, and personal development guru. After a difficult childhood, he went on to create an incredible life of success and achievement, while remaining passionately committed to philanthropy. Now his company offers life coaching and business coaching services to people from all walks of life. His company employs teams of highly experienced and specialized coaches, while Jordan himself remains renowned as a coach for highly elite clientele. For more information call 1-866-592-3646 or email [email protected]