Research that was carried out at the beginning of 2012 has shown that there are more than 644 million active websites in existence now. These sites cover every topic and industry plausible, and each is competing for the top spots on the search engine result pages. This means that merely having a website is no longer sufficient for a business to remain successful. Those that would like their internet marketing and advertising to finally produce results will need to optimize and maintain their website as frequently as possible to not only draw in new traffic, but then convert this traffic into paying customers, clients, and patients.

After spending money on a strong website with seamless graphics and useful information, it will often be disappointing for business owners to realize how little their website might be producing in terms of real results. With the sheer amount of competition that takes place with search engine results today, creating a comprehensive website is only the start to this ongoing process. This is why numerous companies and businesses have now turned to professional SEO firms to quickly and affordably carry out a number of tasks that will be required to make one's website successful.

The goal of many websites is to quickly direct the correct individuals to the website and then turn them into paying customers. In order to do this, the first step is to improve the site's rankings in the search engine results. Each of the largest search engines maintain complex algorithms and programs that will determine the usefulness of a website to direct users to the correct information.

To make these pages appealing to the "crawlers" and other programs, a website must provide pertinent, accurate, and current information as much as possible. This often begins with any number of tools such as blogs, informational articles, and any other data that the user will find useful. Successful websites will also need offsite assistance in order to appeal to both search engines and potential customers with backlinks, directory submissions, presses releases, and social media pages.

When the traffic begins to frequent a website, it is essential for the pages to be as straightforward as possible, calling the user to action. Whether a company is looking to sell its products online or a local dental office would like to schedule their first appointment, this requires seamless graphics and careful attention being paid to the overall layout of each page and the contact information that is provided.

There are very few marketing tools that are as effective and affordable as a function and appealing website. These sites often cost a fraction of other forms of advertisement and can draw in huge amounts of traffic and eventually paying customers.

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