As landowners continue to grapple with the issue of unwanted trespassers, K9 Mobile Security is informing them of their rights.

K9 Mobile Security is a 24/7 mobile security company based in the heart of Plymouth in South England that specializes in traveler eviction, security systems and manned security jobs. The company offers its assistance as it walks landowners through the process.

Trespassers can be problematic when they ignore the commands of landowners to leave. They can occasionally be openly hostile, defiant, and even aggressive. That can make landowners hesitant to take action, though it is their right under common law to do so. That includes using reasonable force if necessary.

K9 Mobile Security can carry out a risk assessment and offer a service quote based upon information provided by the landowner. The estimate includes the cost of the eviction notice and, if travelers do not vacate the land, the cost of removing them.

Information needed by the company includes the time and date that the travelers set up camp, how many caravans are on the property, and who owns the land. The mobile security firm must also ask if the landowner has communicated at all with the travelers.

K9 Mobile Security’s team is an accredited member of the Victim Care Services Network. The company employs guards who are licensed, fully trained and SIA approved. They are equipped and trained to expertly handle removal services.

Dealing with an illegal encampment can be stressful and dangerous. K9 Mobile Security gives landowners the ability to safely and legally remove unwanted guests.

The company handles other needs including vacant property service, retail security and event security throughout Plymouth, its surrounding areas and South Devon.

For more information or a no-obligation consultation, visit its website at or call 0800-849-6-849.

Jon Bennett
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