Pointy Heads Software Introduces Live, Streaming Mobile-to-Mobile Video-Sharing for iPhone Users

DANBURY, Conn. Pointy Heads Software, leading innovators in mobile-to-mobile sharing, today launched Knocking Live Video the world‘s first broadcast app to the Apple iPhone. Knocking apps eliminate the ´upload, send, download‘ process, establishing live, device-to-device connectivity regardless of proximity or other barriers. Knocking Live Video creates an instant, device-to-device connection allowing one iPhone user to broadcast live streaming video to another iPhone handset.

Knocking is an entirely new form of mobile communication redefining the way users share moments. Knocking is direct, visual communication. Where mobile users once got a call, an e-mail, text or multimedia message, they now get a knock.

“We cannot be more elated to bring live video broadcasting to the iPhone,” explains Jim Montalto co-founder of Knocking and Pointy Heads Software. “Knocking Live Video is truly a breakthrough in technology and social media. At the most fundamental level, Knocking Live Video lets users be in the moment with friends and family, regardless of distance.”

Existing video apps make the Internet both a boundary and enabler of “sharing.” Most require users to shoot video, render it small enough to be sent, then upload and transmit content using the Internet as another person waits for a lengthy download. Knocking Live Video eliminates that process, letting users broadcast moments directly from iPhone to iPhone, live. The app maximizes the potential of the iPhone camera, connecting any generation of iPhone, regardless of 3GS ´video‘ capabilities. Knocking treats the iPhone camera as a keyhole into another moment, letting users look through to another device, place and event.
All Knocking apps include a ´Facebook Connect‘ feature which automatically publishes stories on users‘ ´Knocks‘ in real-time. Knocking Live Video is available for download in the social networking category of the Apple app store today, free for the first 50,000 users.

How it Works:
It‘s simple. ´Knock‘, then share:
• Open Knocking Live Video Sharing
• Set up account
• Request and ´Knock‘ your friends
• Aim your camera

About Pointy Heads Software:
Pointy Heads Software are innovators helping people share their mobile lives. Having introduced Knocking, AhhFone, Chicken Kazoo, BlowUP, and MyTopTen, Pointy Heads Software is changing the perception of what it means to be pointy. That's why Pointy Heads Software's three pointy heads are hard at work developing applications for every type of mobile device - from the Apple iPhone to Blackberry and Android smartphones.
With Pointy Heads Software, you are ready to share your mobile life.
Who wants to be a flat head anyway? BE POINTY!
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