KP Media TV continues to strengthen its position as one of the fastest growing streaming TV networks pioneering in the space of packaging global distribution, monetization, community support and VIP production training leveraging the power of streaming TV. Its Founder & CEO, Kisa Puckett launched two successful events on the widely popular Clubhouse app - Clubhouse Got Talent and the Clubhouse Casting Room. Both events, launched within the first quarter of 2021, attracted thousands of listeners bringing awareness to the KP Media TV ecosystem that is providing content creators, hosts, filmmakers, and producers the opportunity to expand their reach and achieve next-level monetization without losing ownership of their content.

Clubhouse Got Talent received hundreds of entries from top talent across the globe. Vocalist Ariel Reign was announced as the first place winner, followed by Jonathan Vickers coming in second place, and Bryan Martinez placing third.

Clubhouse Casting Room winners included content creators, filmmakers and producers. These brilliant creatives were granted a feature opportunity on the network. Winners were Renee Ambush, Lid’ya C. Moore, Nicole Moore, Rebecca Gitana, Allison Carve, Nidhi Tewari, Leonel Severino, Nikki Cohn-Byrd, and Jason Taylor. All winners secured a premier spot on the KP Media TV network to distribute their projects globally across Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV.

The KP Media TV community is growing fast as it continues to help media entrepreneurs expand their reach, visibility and profits. In a recent interview, K. Elle Jones, Brand & Media Consultant, Director, Executive Producer, TV Host & Filmmaker of ELLEvate NOW!™ Creative Media shared some of the wins she has experienced as a result of being a part of the KP Media TV family.

"KP Media TV has positioned me to attract even more high-level brand partnerships, and other production partners," she said. "I have been brought on as an Executive Producer on several KP Media TV host’s television programming & projects. And even serve as a casting director and/or Executive Creative Director for several KP Media TV driven live events & projects, including Clubhouse Casting Room & Clubhouse Got Talent. This has helped me expand not just my production agency services, but also my brand consulting services as well. I am now able to serve my clients and partners in an even more powerful & elevated way."

Karen Clay-Fenderson, Executive Producer and TV network Brand Strategist of FEI Agency also had this to say, “I have been able to build and establish a solid relationship with brands and key media players globally. Working with KP Media TV has been a blessing and has opened up brand new opportunities for my firm, The FEI Agency.”

To explore more opportunities with KP Media TV or to find out about upcoming Clubhouse events, please visit or call 951-708-1864.

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