Halavit, the agricultural and veterinary department of Maabarot Products, will soon start selling its animal milk substitute products outside of Israel.

Halavit develops and manufactures nutritious milk substitutes for calves, lambs, goats, piglets, foals and elephants. The company plans to start selling its products to businesses in Europe and the United States as well as other locations.

Founded in 1963, the milk substitute producer has decades of experience in creating a wide range of quality milk replacers for different needs and purposes. Its products are rich in protein and energy with high nutritional value. Halavit strives to make products that help strengthen young animals’ immune systems, growth and development.

Its products also substantially save feed costs as one kilogram of milk replacer is equal to eight liters of original milk.

Halavit manufactures and packages all products under quality assurance of the world’s strictest standards. Its research and development department cooperates with veterinarians, private farmers and government researchers to develop smart formula milk replacers that meet the needs of diverse and changing customers.

Halavit’s accumulated experience and knowledge maintains its standing as Israel’s animal milk replacers leader. Company officials, always eager to accept new challenges, believe it is time to expand the company’s market reach outside of the country.

Halavit is a subsidiary of Maabarot Products Ltd., Israel’s leading human and animal food and nutritional supplements development, production and marketing company. Other Maabarot Products companies include Altman Health, Biopet, Materna, Anlit and Laboratoria Natury in Poland.

For more information about the company and its products, visit its website at www.halavit.com or call +972-9-8984207.

Company: Maabarot
Address: Maabarot 4023000, Israel
Phone: +972-9-8984207
Website: www.halavit.com