Nowadays most of the companies are turning to transfer their data and services to the cloud because of maximum security and the less set up cost in software, hardware as well as necessary licensing. Companies can easily rely on the Managed Network set up by prominent network security services that ensure the maximum desired result than any premise security because of the cost issue.

Network security Services come with a cloud-based managed network for a company and it requires comparatively low set up cost affordable by any predictable company budget. Besides, any sort of on-premise security requires about double costs regarding licensing, hardware set up and administrative costs. For any type of additional usages, you have to pay an additional cost.

Cloud services are prioritized for business because of its reasonable cost as well as speed capable to manage web traffic and safeguard email. O the other hand, if you want to manage the same tasks with on-premise security, you have to pay more money for required additional software and hardware installation to complete tasks. This additional expense will be about double than the subscription cost of cloud network security services.

Companies using managed network need to pay less for administrative tasks because those are maintained by cloud network security services but the same administrative cost will be more with premise security services because they deploy a group of potential and dedicated IT staff for monitoring all security functions and maintenance during server downtime. In this case usually, it is very expensive to afford highly qualified IT personnel for their services.

Cloud network security services offer low cost and user flexibility than premise security services, from the perspective of scalability. A managed network is able to provide any additional infrastructure as well as resources for certain expansion anytime which is not easy with its counterpart-Premise security services. So, it is clear that sometimes premise security has a reactionary nature to create such critical security measures suddenly in reaction to an unexpected threat that is often rare in cloud network security services.

There is a burning topic about trust and risk between the cloud-managed network and on-premise security services. According to the types of working strategy premise security prevents an enterprise from sharing sensitive business information to any third party provider. Regarding deploying cloud network security services companies can verify their mandatory factors by any third party auditors for being over sure about the capabilities of cloud services providers.

Reasons for Choosing a Cloud Network Security Services Provider:

Network assets of every business are very critical and important to its maximum success. In spite of this importance, however, maximum companies leave their intellectual assets at risk. Network security services are capable to design a strong security infrastructure to protect these assets from all sorts of unexpected attacks and threats occurring every day. These unmanaged security attacks usually come from both internal and external sources that have minimum access to these assets. This is highly recognized threats to the corporate performance of a company.

2011 was acknowledged as “the year of hack” by many of the companies and after then, cloud network security services developed rapidly because of more responsibilities of the managed network to protect critical infrastructures.

According to leading managed network experts, preventative technologies like anti-virus, IPS or firewalls are not capable enough to fight against these threats. Only a cloud network security services provider can ensure to respond to any certain network threat in an effective and timely manner. Since most of the companies have not that huge capabilities to maintain this task on a 24/7 basis, a managed network services provider can assist them in this regard within their capabilities.

A Cloud Security Services Provider Comes with Following Offers:

Mitigating risk before it turns to a fatal emergency

24/7 monitoring to improve network visibility

Strong network performance to ensure the businesses capability of maximizing their effectiveness

User Flexibility for extension of IT resources to any strategic project

Easy to use network management system

A low cost Managed Network Services maintenance expenses

With all these outstanding advantages, it is hard to argue that deploying a cloud network security services provider is a wrong decision of a company and is not worth its investment because these cloud services are modeling perfect preventative security designs with content and spam filtering, VPN and firewall, virus protection as well as intrusion detection.