The “18” series of license plates that released on the 1st of March has seen a huge wave of bans due to offensive and rude license plates. A couple of the offenders include PU18 BES, TA** BAN and BO** CKS.

Every year, two new sets of license plates are released for the general public to purchase. This year, the “18” series released at the beginning of the month and later in the year, the “68” series will be released on the 1st of September. After each release, the DVLA’s censors get together in order to examine car registration plates and remove ones that are too offensive for use on the road.

Any number plates that are deemed offensive by the DVLA’s censors are removed from the road and automatically banned. Certain keywords and racial slurs are automatically picked up and banned, but some do slip through the cracks and manage to slip by.

The list of banned combinations includes plates such as TA18 BAN and BU18 SHT, adding to the list of offensive plates such as VA61 ANA. Banned plates cannot be disputed and are never removed from the list. However, the DVLA also has the power to force drivers to replace their plates if they feel like they’ve made a blunder and missed some offensive plates.

A DVLA spokesman said, “The vast majority of registration numbers are made available but the Agency holds back any combinations that may cause offence, embarrassment or are in poor taste.”.

This year, more number plates than ever before have been banned due to tighter restrictions and more word combinations being added to the ban list that will automatically invalidate certain license plates. Combinations such as SEX, WNK and BUM are immediately removed from the selection to prevent the system from being abused.

This has had an effect on license plate resellers such as CarReg. Even if someone splashes out a lot of money on an offensive but highly sought-after number plate, they aren’t protected from the DVLA’s decision and could lose their investment if they are noticed by the DVLA.

However, risqué or not, CarReg still continues to sell number plates such as TE51 CLE and T111 TTS. CarReg allows everyone to buy and sell private number plates regardless of their content, but the decision is ultimately yours should your plate catch the attention of the DVLA’s censors.

So if you’re after a unique and different license plate and missed out on this year’s “18” series, take a look at CarReg to see if you can snatch up a unique license plate for a bargain from previous years.

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