New Jersey trader launches Outlier Stocks to help investors pick stocks

Steven Kinney is a seasoned investor and trader with almost two decades of experience in swing trading stocks and more than 13 years of swing trading and day trading commodities. Steven recently announced the launch of stock alert service, , designed to help traders and investors pick stocks that will outperform the general stock market.

Investing and trading in stocks is one of the easiest ways of making good money in the short and long term. However, it is no news that many persons across the globe have lost their monies in the stock market, usually due to bad investment decisions. Many people have consequently avoided the stock market due to the negativities that have surrounded bad investment decisions.

Steven Kinney is therefore launching the stock alert service after seemingly breaking the code on how to pick stocks that are about to surge between 30% and 100% within 7 to 9 months. Outlier Stocks is launched to provide beginners, intermediate and advanced traders with stock picks which he thinks will drastically outperform the general stock market over the coming year.

The alert service finds stock before institutional investors and even Wall Street do, allowing subscribers to get stocks that are trading between $5 and $100 and are about to make between 30% and 94% rally within 9 months.

While his methodology is proprietary, he admits that he may manually track up to 300 stocks every year to find the gems. Steven has been using this methodology over the past 4 years and has recorded great success. In 2017 alone, his core position picks were up 263% and his bonus position picks were up 119%. Names like Extreme Networks, Micron Technologies and Wynn Resorts were among his stock recommendations of that year

“After over 15 years of being a break-even trader, I have solved the mystery to successfully picking stock market outliers,” says Steven Kinney. is a for-profit entity operating in the United States founded in 2018. Steven Kinney recommends selections in US stocks only. Proprietary research is used to aid in the selection of stocks, in various sectors, from experience gained from over 20 years of trading stocks.


Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance – investing in the stock market can be risky and only risk capital should be used.

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