Lancaster County, PA - Black Rock Retreat’s Outdoor Education program discovered that students learn best when their hands-on experiences are highlighted with enriching team-building activities. Their program offers outdoor laser tag, high ropes elements, and tons of outdoor games to do just that. When students work as a collective team, their learning experience is more fun and students are encouraged to learn from each other and collaborate.

Students that come through Black Rock Retreat’s outdoor education program can experience thrilling activities to encourage this type of teamwork. The newly added laser tag activity allows students to work in teams to navigate the woodlands, create strategies, and work towards a common goal. The high ropes elements provide a fun way to encourage trust within a group. The many other outdoor activities Black Rock Retreat offers allow a customizable experience to cater to specific group needs and desires all while getting exercise.

Black Rock Retreat’s Outdoor Education Program allows students a hands-on, interactive education during their 1- to 3-day scientific adventures in the 100-acre outdoor classroom! It serves Christian, public, and private schools with programs specifically designed to meet unique needs. This experience is a short drive from Philadelphia, Baltimore, New Jersey, and Delaware.

For more information, contact us at (717) 529-3232 or email us at [email protected]

Black Rock Retreat is a non-profit Christian Camp and Conference Center located in Lancaster County, PA providing retreat facilities, a Summer Camp program for youth, Outdoor Education program, a Challenge Ropes Course, a Road Scholar program, and more.

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