India‘s first organic milk & milk products convention in Ahmedabad, organized on the occasion of Children‘s Day, received overwhelming response with the participation of major Indian and global brands like Amul and Nestle

Ahmedabad, November 14, 2009: Dr Selvam Daniel, Managing Director, ECOCERT India, the trusted global name in certification of organic food, cosmetics and textiles, today said only organic food, particularly organic milk, can avert a major health crisis in India.

“Most Indian children begin their day with a glass of milk, and mothers have been worried about the quality of milk they have been sourcing,” said Dr Daniel. “If the milk that is being given to children is to be made healthier and more nutritious, switching to organic milk is the only option.”

Dr. Daniel also added, “The existing policy of mankind propagating ´wellness to man and illness to nature‘ is an evil one. Promotion of organic lifestyles among consumers is the only way to ensure the safety to all in nature.”

Dr Daniel was speaking on the sidelines of India‘s first organic milk convention in Ahmedabad. The convention, organized on Children‘s Day, has received overwhelming response from the Indian dairy industry. Among those who participated in the convention were major Indian and global brands like Amul, Nestle, Mother Dairy, Govind Dairy, Madhavi Dairy and Gourmet. Several dairy cooperatives, academicians, retailers, individual milk producers and farmers also attended the convention.

“Organic milk is the nearest option to mother‘s milk,” said eminent eco-nutritionist Kavita Mukhi in her keynote address. “Consumption of organic milk is crucial as it is minimally processed and keeps the very nutrition intact. Highly processed and highly refined food is poisonous.”

“According to a recent survey in India, milk is among the most preferred commodity in the organic category,” said Dr Daniel. “It is for this reason that the organic milk and milk products‘ business is going to be most profitable in the coming days in India.”

Dr Sushat Parekar, Product Manager, Organic Milk and Milk Products, ECOCERT India, explained India‘s national standards for organic milk and milk products‘ production.

Dr Amol Nirban, Inspector, Organic and Fair Trade Certification, ECOCERT India, highlighted the importance of organic fodder production in the dairy industry. He discussed issues like bioaccumulation and several ailments in humans because of the ingestion of harmful agrochemicals as a result of consumption of conventional milk and milk products.

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About Ecocert

ECOCERT is a certification agency for organic, fair trade and good agricultural practices (GAP) standards. Ecocert is a family of companies with our presence in all the continents. Our Principal Office is at L‘Isle, Jourdain, France and our Managing Office is at Northeim, Germany.

ECOCERT is committed to creating a healthier and greener India by encouraging the consumption of certified organic food. The company has also been striving to replicate the outsourcing story on the India farm front by tirelessly working for global recognition for Brand Organic India.

In India, ECOCERT was founded by late Dr. Alexander Daniel, known for his pioneering initiatives in organic food, in the year 2002.

Dr. Selvam Daniel is the Managing Director of ECOCERT India.

ECOCERT India has presence in all Indian states. ECOCERT India has been servicing clients in diverse area of the food supply chain processors, exporters, farmers‘ groups and individual farmers. To date, the company has certified 300,000 hectares of land in India.