Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor home cooking is on the rise and outdoor kitchens are making the family barbecue an easy affair. Cooking on a large outdoor grill allows you to cook more food at once when youre entertaining and its easier to clean up afterwards. You can eliminate all that to and froing from the kitchen to the grill. Youll have much more fun if you get yourself an outdoor kitchen. You dont have to go overboard as even the simplest set up will make your outdoor cooking a lot easier. The more high end ones will have everything at your fingertips so you wont need to go inside at all until youre ready to say goodbye to all of your guests. Charcoal was great in the beginning but the gas grill took over because of its convenience. High end grills have side burners, their own storage space and work areas all included. Everything is incorporated to your outside patio and entertaining is no longer a chore to prepare.

Large and Small outdoor Grills

Installing an outdoor kitchen may be just the thing for you if you have frequent cookouts and everyone is intrigued with your barbecue skills. The bigger the grill the eaiser it is to cook all of your food at once. You might also be wondering how to make use of that neglected patio or deck. If youre wanting to move past the burgers and dogs and experiment with some savvy dishes an outdoor kitchen may be perfect for you. Another advantage is that you wont be stuck in a hot kitchen with the air conditioner running overtime to keep you cool. This might have the added advantage of reducing your electricity bills.

An outdoor kitchen can be as small or elaborate as you want with the grill being the centerpiece. Grills that have wheels attached and can be taken with you when you move are the most common type of grill available. However, there is a large variety of styles, sizes, features and price even in this group. Some are just the right size to take to the beach. If you are planning to incorporate the kitchen as a permanent part of your home, select a built in grill that will drop into a space on a cabinet with countertops that is built on site. This is much like your kitchen inside. There are quite a lot of accessories available that you may need to consider. You will probably need at minimum a basket for grilling fish,vegetables, or hush puppies, a griddle, tongs, and a good quality meat thermometer. Side burners are included in most grills today but a camping stove can get the job done. Make sure your work space is sanitized for food preparation. There are a variety of lights for your outdoor kitchen but direct light is best for the work area. Bar-B-Que Accssories

Cooking meat to perfection every time at night is possible if you get a light that clips directly to the grill. If you live in a climate that gets chilly in winter you might like to consider installing a patio heater or fire pit to warm the place up a bit. You dont want your nice outdoor area going unused for a good portion of the year just because of the weather. A well planned party can get ruined by insects so make sure you have some sort of insect repellant available at all times. Use an exhaust hood to get rid of annoying smoke and out of your guests eyes. Having enough electrical outlets is important as is a refrigerator to keep drinks cold, a sink for washing and cleaning and warming drawers so you dont end up serving cold food. Other nice accessories might be an ice machine and a some sort of wine storage.

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