Outraged father of kidnapped son promises Donald Trump of an impending

The President of the United States have continuously cried against the criminal acts perpetrated by illegal immigrants in the U.S., with the aim of flushing such individuals and making the country safe for all. However, the constant cries of President Trump seem to be only lip service, which is reiterated by how the President has handled the case of Stephan Schuermann, his son, Duke Sean Schuermann and former wife, illegal immigrant child kidnapper Jubilie Anqui.

Stephan has written several letters to the president and other top government officials including Governor Rick Scott and Trey Gowdy in a bid to facilitate the prompt return of his illegal immigrant son and ensure Duke Sean gets the care and attention from his father every child requires to become a responsible adult. These letters and complaints have however met the deaf ears of these individuals, prompting Stephan to make the shocking revelations in his new web updates.

The website update contains a list of the government officials and details of the several letters and press releases written to capture the attention of these officials. The website also contains the press releases written about letters sent to the President of the United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

The names of these criminal, lawless and corrupt judges are: judge Marry Koch Polson, judge Michael A. Flowers, judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, judge Terrence Ketchel, (Okaloosa County Court, Florida). In addition, there is mentally disturbed judge Richard McKelvie (Utah Court) who all have dubiously supported Jubilie Anqui and her criminal boyfriend Jonathan Link Tedrick who works at www.majordrilling.com , consequently aiding and abetting the harboring of two illegal immigrants.

The negligence of these officials has further established the value placed on human lives, as they have clearly shown that the lives of Americans do not matter to them. The wrongful retaining of an illegal immigrant child by an equally illegal immigrant child kidnapper poses a threat to lives and the deaf ears of these corrupt individuals only shows why they should be voted out of office as soon as possible.

The case of Stephan Schuermann and his son Duke Sean is just one of the several other such cases involving illegal immigrants and their evil acts. It is important for the public and appropriate authorities to address such issues before escalating into a major disaster. And if these issues cannot be resolved, maybe the public needs to look for more competent persons to be at the helm of affairs.

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