Personal Injury Attorneys 818 is pleased to announce it’s expanding its network of lawyers to meet the needs of more clients.

The Glendale-based network of attorneys now practices family, tax and bankruptcy law as well as personal injury law. Its focus remains advocating for those in need.

Personal Injury Attorneys 818 is a group of dedicated attorneys who believe in being professional, dedicated and compassionate. They came together to give people access to lawyers who always believe the client comes first.

The network previously focused its attention on practicing personal injury law, including car accidents, medical malpractice, insurance claims and similar cases. Its practice now includes areas like family and divorce, tax, bankruptcy, criminal and DUI.

“We believe that people need understanding, compassionate attorneys who truly care about our clients and their families,” said founder Steven Ramirez. “That need goes beyond personal injury cases. We’re expanding our network so that, whether a person needs help in a child custody case or is seeking escape from financial burdens, they get an attorney on their side who truly cares.”

Personal Injury Attorneys 818 covers Glendale as well as the greater Los Angeles area. Expanding will allow the network to provide a greater array of services to clients. Its dedication to practicing personal injury law, however, remains firm as attorneys fight for the rights of people seeking compensation for injuries and deaths caused by car crashes, medical malpractice and other causes.

For more information about Personal Injury Attorneys 818, visit its website at or call 818-334-6234.

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Company: Personal Injury Attorneys 818
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