Realizing the importance of social networking websites in popularizing any online application, in late 2008, RummyRoyal released its no download online rummy app for Facebook which became an overnight success as it gives the Facebook users an opportunity to play their favorite game for free. The success of this application let to the decision of launching the application on other social networking websites, like Bebo.

Bebo was created in 2005 and is currently one of the leading social networking websites in the world. It is available in various languages and has a user friendly interface that makes it easy to use any application. Considering all these advantages of this website, it was only a matter of time that RummyRoyal chooses it as the host of its Rummy application.

RummyRoyal launched its no download version of online Rummy app on Bebo in August 2009. In just a matter of time, the application became one of the popular applications on the website. It's the best Rummy app on Bebo, right now.

Rummy Royal offers world‘s best online Rummy gaming applications and are available in various languages like Spanish, French, Italian (ramino), English Dutch, German, Polish, Hebrew, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Romanian and Turkish. RummyRoyal enjoys huge popularity in Europe, Asia, North America and Asia due to its multi-language applications. The biggest reason behind its popularity is the large number of variations of rummy that this application offers. It gives the players opportunity to play and test their skills with best rummy players in the world.

The success that they found on Facebook has made RummyRoyal confident that their online Rummy has a bright future on Bebo and other similar websites.