Making the worst home selling mistakes is something that the average person can do, or can be led to do in a variety of ways. It is possible that your real estate agent could be the person that leads you to do this. In order to avoid this, you should interview all of your prospective real estate agents before choosing one to help you sell your home. They should have your best interest in mind, not one that follows their own agenda. Now let's look at some home selling mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

When a listing expires before a home sells, an unfortunate stigma falls over the home. Stigmas are usually psychological in nature. People start to believe that your home didn't sell because it was flawed in some way. You must take matters into your own hands and follow some guidelines to help keep your home from entering the no-man's land of homes that didn't sell. When this happens, you will have lost time and money. So this is something that's very important for you to be aware of before even listing your home. Talk to your realtor about it and gauge the response you get along with the quality of the recommendations. Word of advice for getting a great realtor: Ask your local school for a real estate Anaheim they would recommend.

The first offer that you ever get is going to be, most of the time, the one that is the highest. All others will be lower according to statistical data. You need to think about why this is true, even though this may seem contradictory when you first hear it. When it comes to statistics, obviously, there are always exceptions to the general rule. By understanding this, you will know what to expect. Every bidder on a new house is thinking the same thing - if I bid higher, I have a better chance of getting this house! Very often the seller will turn down the first offer figuring they can get a higher offer if they wait a little. However, that is usually not the case and then things begin a downward spiral.

Another mistake you can make is trying to get your real estate agent to accept a discounted commission when your home sells. The listing agreement clearly delineates the commission expected when the agent sells your property. It's an easy matter to check with others and discover what the normal commission is for selling a home in your area. See how the average commissions compare to what the agent is specifying in the listing agreement. You can also talk to your agent about it and simply ask about the fee and if it's average or below. Give this some serious thought. If you offer them less money to sell your home, they will do less work to sell it. Your agent will not have much incentive to work hard to bring buyers to show your home. So, don't be "pound wise and penny foolish" when setting the commission for your agent.

Help yourselfsteer totally clear of the majority of home selling mistakes by choosing a good agent. You really do want an agent who is very knowledgeable of setting the best price for your home. This is the number one critical part to get right. What you need to do, to sell your house, and get what you want, is to set the right price.

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